Increase your grip strength
Upgraded rice bucket workout now mobile and clean

Why Choose Great Ape?

We believe that our product is the top grip strength product on the market. Our bag consist of 3 lbs of rice with an ambidextrous glove inside. What makes us different from our competitors is that this workout has resistance against all movements, which exercises more muscles than any other grip strength product. Originating from the typical rice bucket workout, which was used by the Shaolin Monks thousands of years ago, when training for Shaolin Kung Fu. Since then, using a rice bucket for a forearm/grip workout has expanded dramatically; used in physical therapy, sports related training or pure strength for everyday use. Now be mobile and clean with your superior grip strength workout.

Professional Athlete Testimonials

”The Great Ape Grip has been a great addition to my workouts & is one of the most ingenious pieces of equipment I’ve seen in a long time. The ability to carry a portable rice gripper along with me allows me to take care of my grip work everywhere from the gym to the field to my home. I’ve used this after my throwing sessions to make sure I am staying on top of my forearm strength, and I would recommend it for any other throwing athlete.”

Scott Effross

“I think the biggest thing that Great Ape Grips has done for me, is improve my finger and hand strength. It is very beneficial for me because I believe the stronger your hands are the more power you can have when hitting!”

Jakson Reetz

“Great ape grips has helped me throughout my Tommy john rehab and having it on my night stand makes it easy for me to build greater arm health”

Blake Cederlind
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